Title: UC Berkeley Awards Program

University of California, Berkeley Foundation
Awards Program

2014 Winners

Chancellor‘s Award

Arnold Silverman ’60, MS ’61

Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award

William Floyd ’56
Howard ’50 and Candy Friesen ’50
In Sik Rhee ’93
Steve Silberstein ’77
Ned ’66 and Carol ’66 Spieker

Trustees‘ Citation

Luisa and Oscar Armijo P ’04, ’06, ’10, ’14 
Jamy Faulhaber ’71
Ashraf Habibullah ’70
William Ledeen MBA ’86
Kent Newmark ’60, MBA ’65 
Nancy Orear ’82
Stacy Savides Sullivan ’85
Peter Van Houten ’56
Lenard Weiss ’62

Young Bear Award

Jose Carillo ’14
Julie Haduong ’14 
Emilia Kronschnabel ’14 
Andrew Laffoon ’05

Description & History

In 1979, the University of California, Berkeley Foundation established a formal awards program to recognize outstanding volunteer work in the various fundraising efforts on campus. The Chancellor’s Award, the Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award, the Trustees’ Citation, and the Young Bear Award are presented at a special event each year in conjunction with the board’s winter meeting. The awards are described as follows:

The Chancellor’s Award is the UC Berkeley Foundation’s most prestigious award, honoring an alumnus or friend of UC Berkeley who has given consistently distinguished service to numerous major fundraising programs or campaigns of the University.
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The Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award is given to those alumni and friends who have excelled in a leadership position for one or more fundraising programs over a period of time.
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The Trustees’ Citation is given to those alumni and friends who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a major fundraising program, or who are shining examples of service in support of the University’s outreach goals.
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The Young Bear Award is given to a current student, young alumnus, or friend who has demonstrated outstanding achievement on a fundraising project or campaign, or who has accomplished successful outreach to the community or alumni.
See past recipients

Nomination Process

Anyone on or off the campus may nominate one or more individuals for a UC Berkeley Foundation Award using this form. Nominees may be considered for more than one award simultaneously, but are limited to receiving only one award in a given year.

For further information on the Chancellor’s Award, the Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award, the Trustees’ Citation, or the Young Bear Award, please contact:

External Relations and Office of Protocol
2080 Addison Street #4200
Berkeley, CA 94720-4200
510.643.8491 fax

Photo: Campanile

Graphic: UC Seal